Bromonex plus Capsule

Bromonex Plus capsule is prepared and formulated from the extract of turmeric plants with the scientific name of Curcuma Longa and bromelain obtained from pineapple by scientific and standard methods.

Bromelain in this product is a combination of proteolytic enzyme extracted from the pineapple plant.

Bromonex Plus inhibits cyclooxygenase 2 and prostaglandin, thereby reducing pain ad inflammation. Bromelain and turmeric reduce the permeability of blood vessels by lowering blood bradykinin levels, resulting in reduce swelling and pain.

Bromelain along with turmeric have synergic effects in this process. Bromonex plus, with its anti-inflammatory, and pain-educing effects, is the best choice for patients with joint diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

One of the most annoying symptoms of osteoarthritis is pain in important joints of the body, including the knee, and sometimes swelling. People with this complication know that these pains can keep them from moving.

Bromonex Plus capsules also help maintain joint health and strengthen immune system.

– Accelerate wound healing and inflammation after surgery.
– Improve muscle & joint pain including symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
– Anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant accelerate the absorption of hematopoiesis.
– Supportive treatment to improve the symptoms of fatty liver.

Each capsule:

Curcuma longa 300mg
Ananas comosus(Bromelain) 150mg

The dosage is determined by the doctor.

But if the doctor does not specify the dosage, you should use the following instructions:

Take 2 capsules daily with meals.

– People with bile duct obstruction or gallstones should not take the drug.
– Be sure to consult your doctor if the symptoms do not improve or worsen.
– If you have a stomach ulcer, consult your doctor before use.
– Taking more than the recommended amount of the drug can irritate the nervous system & cause depression, anxiety & irregular heartbeat.

Pregnant and lactating women should not use.

30 Capsules